„SuproFruit 2017“, the14th Workshop on Spray Application Techniques in Fruit Growing" was organized in Hasselt, Limburg, Belgium, from May 10 through 12, 2017.

PPT Presentation SuproFruit 2017

Opening session

Schlotter_Toews_Status of harmonization of dose expression in 3 D crops for the zonal efficacy evaluation of PPP in Europe

Oral Session 1: Pesticide dosing

Doruchowski_Harmonization of dose expression is the key to dose adjustment
Codis_Towards a new model of dose expression in viticulture_Presentation of an experimental approach based on deposition measurement to test the relevance of different scenarios
Chueca_Pesticide dose in persimmon orchards: Bases for adjustment
Román_Adjusting spray volume rates to the canopy vigour from aerial images in a vineyard
Bakache_Effect of formulation and spray application characteristics on the biological efficacy of a contact fungicide case of banana black sigatoka

Oral Session 2 : Spray coverage

Michielsen_Spray deposition and distribution of a cross flow fan orchard sprayer in spindle apple trees
Claes_Practical experiences with self moving test bench
Wenneker_Improving spray deposition in orchard spraying by a Munckhof multiple row sprayer
Verpont_PulvArbo a French project to improve spray application in fruit growing
Vergés_Sprayer classification in viticulture according to their performance in terms of deposition and dose rate reduction potential
Carra_Spray deposits from a recycling tunne sprayer in vineyard_effects of the forward speed and the nozzle type
Delele_Leaf surface topography affecting the dynamic impact behaviour of spray droplets
Cotteux_Assessment of aerial spray deposition on banana crop based on flight conditions

Oral Session 3 : Air support of sprayers for three dimensional crops

Gil_Lidar vs test bench for measurement of drift as affected by sprayer type, air flow, nozzle type and density of vine canopy
zande_vd_Characterization of the air-flow and liquid ditribution of orchard sprayers
Salcedo_2D CFD simulations of the air profile of three sprayers adapted to tomato crops in greenhouse conditions
Tamagnone_Adjustment of vertical spray pattern of orchard sprayers with Ve.S.Pa. 2.0 application

Oral Session 4 : Spray drift / Spray loses

Grella_Potential spray drift evaluation of airblast sprayers
Stallinga_Spray drift of a cross-flow fan sprayer with variable air assistance
Marucco_First assessments of spray drift in poplar plantations
Balsari_Increasing droplet size in pneumatic cannon-type nozzles to reduce spray drift
Rodrigues da Cunha_Spray quality, droplet velocity and spray drift potential of sprays sprayed with additives through standard and venturi nozzles
Hoheisel_Development of a National Spray Application work group
Roettele_Perceptions on how to reduce the risk of plant protection products losses to water in fruit production_Results from the European TOPPS stakeholder survey 2016

Oral Session 5 : New technologies on spray applications

Landers_Measuring canopy density in orchards and vineyards
Douzals_Crop characterization by Lidar sensor in different French orchards
Ruysen_ICT platform for fruit growing sector in Belgium
Miranda Fuentes_Field testing and monitoring of newly designed airblast sprayers in traditional olive orchards
Dekeyser_Optimization of the fogging application of biological control organisms in fruit cold stores
Koopmans_How to stimulate the installation and use of on farm bioremediation systems to avoid point pollution
Delele_CFD modelling of spray applications in cool rooms



Suprofruit 2017



Organizing committee

Prof. Dany Bylemans1, Kris Ruysen1, dr. David Nuyttens2, dr. Pieter Verboven3, Manuela Milissen1


pcfruit vzw - Proefcentrum Fruitteelt vzw

2 ILVO – Institute for Agricultural and Fisheries Research

3 KULeuven - MeBioS






Scientific committee

Paolo Balsari

Dany Bylemans

Jerry Cross

Grzegorz Doruchowski

Jean-Paul Douzals

Emilio Gil

David Nuyttens

Peter Triloff

Jan Van de Zande

Pieter Verboven

Marcel Wenneker

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