GEP and non-GEP Efficacy Trials

Pcfruit performs all possible efficacy studies (GEP) for registration, or non-GEP for product development and demonstration in fruit growing. Trials are executed according to EPPO guidelines, in-house validated procedures (SOP) or company-specific protocols.

Trial subjects and targets




Beneficial insects, mites, nematodes, micro-organisms for biological pest control

Fertilizers (soil treated or leaf fertilizers)





PGRs (Plant Growth Regulators)

Selectivity / Crop safety

Storage diseases

Soil disinfection/soil fumigation

Spray and application techniques versus product efficacy

Fruit Field trials

In apple, pear, cherry, strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, red currant, blueberry, etc..  and since recently also in our own vineyard

In non-protected fruit crops as well as protected crops (glasshouses, plastic tunnels, hail nets, etc.)

Efficacy Trials (GEP and non-GEP)

Protocols according to EPPO standards (link Eppo site:

Plant safety or phytotoxicity (GEP and non-GEP): in our specially designed multivariety orchards (apple/pear) allowing to get results for all main apple (13) and pear (9) varieties

Side effects and prey:predator ratio studies

                Yield, size and quality testing

                Taint tests (fresh and processed)

                Baseline resistance monitoring

                Residue studies (non-GLP)

                Many fruit or pest-specific field trials composed and validated by pcfruit experts…

For example: Trap and lure efficacy on fruit pests (link pdf file, see below)

                …. any kind of custom made trials to answer your technical questions

(Please note that this list is not complete)

Semi field and laboratory trials

Lab/cage trials under controlled conditions (laboratory, glasshouse, climate chamber)

Below a list of typical trial setups executed by our in house trial specialist is listed. Please note that this list is not complete.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any specific trial requests on fruit related organisms.

Data Exchange (ARM, Excel,..), Reports & Trial visits

A quick initiation in a naturally occurring or artificially but homogeneously introduced high pressure trial sites

Regular trial updates

Data Exchange in ARM (Agriculture Research Manager), office or company specific formats

Interim Data

Final Reports containing all information for dossier preparation

Guided trial visits

Trial visits for other contacts organized by the sponsor and guided by pcfruit crop specialists

Why choosing pcfruit as your product-development partner?

More than 75 years of experience and high quality research

Involved in numerous national and international research projects

Valuable and confidential partner for the world’s biggest companies as well as local startups

More than 50 ha in-house trial orchards and fields for pome fruits, stone fruits, soft fruits and small fruits

Connected to >2000 fruit growers (in Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany…) via extension services (monitoring and warning messages, and a team of advisors ‘on the road’) and fruit magazine “Fruit” for professional fruit growers

A list of possibilities for product development

Lab and plant growth test

semi-field (cage) trials Field trials (incl. glasshouse)

Spectrum tests

Artificial or natural infection

Official trials on efficacy (GEP accredited)

Product positioning and MoA

Optimization dose and timing

Anti-resistance management

Sensitivity/resistance monitoring ***(more information, see below)

Rain fastness, residual activity

Crop safety (phytotox)

Side effects on colour, fruit quality or taste

Side effects on beneficials

Side effects on plant fertility

Integration in IPM

Biocontrol products and semiochemicals

Plant activators

Herbicides and Plant Growth Regulators

Insecticides, acaricides, fungicides, disinfectants

Insect trap and lures

Application methods

Reduction of the impact on the environment (f.i. by drift)

Residue depletion studies

Physical compatibility tank mix

+/- 50 pests and diseases regularly in test


And many other custom requested trials... Please contact us for discussion on trial setups

***For more information about our sensitivy/resistance monitoring, please click here.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any other kind of custom made trials to answer your technical questions. Our mission is to help you in every possible way in reaching your goal: the successful development and application of crop protection products in fruit growing.