The economic analysis can be further personalized by using the tool with extended functionality (paying option).
Here it's possible to specify your own return, prices and hours to be used for calculations. The distribution of frost years within the simulation over 10 years can be adjusted and the same simulation can be examined for different price settings.
This tool can also be used to develop the economic analysis of another technique that has not yet been considered.
Finally, there is the possibility of directly comparing different frost control measures for each possible set of parameters. Indeed, this cannot be done simply by comparing the payback periods that roll out of the analysis. This is because 'residual value' was not taken into account here.

The calculation tool with extended functionality is made available to paying users.

You can reach the tool via the following link: Calculation tool

If you do not yet have a log in and password for this tool, you can request one in our webshop:

Download the accompanying manual for the online calculation tool with extended functionality.