The economic feasibility of different types of frost protection is highly dependent on orchard specifics, and not all types of frost protection fit all types of farm management. The online calculation tool developed by Thomas More Kenniscentrum Energie and pcfruit npo helps growers find what to expect from different types of frost protection in their orchards.

In the basic functionality, simply specify the type of crop and the orchards’ level of frost sensitivity to obtain the short- and long term outlook for all of the major types of frost protection.

For those who want to dig deeper, it is possible to adjust nearly all inputs to fit your specific crop, orchard or frost protection method, and to visualise the resulting long-term comparison between types of frost protection.

You can reach the tool via the following link: Calculation tool

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Download the accompanying manual for the online calculation tool with extended functionality.


Watch the movie below for more background on the FROSTinno project and the economic calculation tool frost protection.


Economic calculation tool frost protection