Experimental garden for strawberry and ligneous small fruits

The experimental garden for strawberry and ligneous small fruits aims to demonstrate
the results of the applied agricultural research on soft fruits into practice and to
execute comparative research on demand of growers. New cropping techniques
are tested and existing techniques are ameliorated if necessary. This research is done
in the framework of sustainable production and optimizing the economic return of
soft fruit companies. The results are demonstrated at regular events for growers.

Experimental Garden for Pome and Stone Fruits

The Experimental garden for pome and stonefruit (pps) is the official belgian experimental garden for apple, pear and cherries. We carry out demonstrative trials for professional fruitgrowers.

The pear research of the Experimental Garden for Pome and Stone Fruits is focused
on planting and pruning systems, rootstocks, hail protection and fertilization. The emphasis
is on the total produced volume but also on quality and size of the fruits. For
the advices on fertilization, more and more emphasis is going to legal restrictions related
to remaining levels of nutrients in soil and surface waters.

The focus of the experimental garden dealing with cherries is on pruning and training
systems, the avoidance of cracking and shelf life improvement by hydrocooling. For
the latter technique optimal dip time per variety is established. All themes are part of
a strategy to improve the quality and financial return of cherry production in Flanders.

Environment & technology

Research in ecologically and economically beneficial spray application techniques for plant protection products.


Study of the different fungal diseases occuring in the Belgian fruit growth and research on chemical and biological control of these diseases.


Research of chemical and biological control of various fruit pests. We specifically investigate the interaction between pests, beneficials and selective crop protection agents in integrated pest management.

Plant research & Management