Rudisco: Sustainable management strategy for fungal diseases in Rubus: a necessary step forward

The cultivation of Rubus species (raspberry and blackberry), is on the rise. Unfortunately less attention has been paid to the disease management strategy leading to a lack of knowledge for a sustainable approach of Botrytis fruit rot and powdery mildew control. In this project we aim at improving disease management strategies. First, by, gathering data on infection conditions of the fungi, followed by generating a model of the infection risk based on environmental parameters. In turn, this information and model will lead to further development of IPM which will be implemented in the cultivation of raspberries and blackberries. Aiming at a reduction of chemical treatments and leading to a qualitatively strong product with the least amounts of residues possible.

Contact: Wendy Van Hemelrijck, Miet Boonen en Jelle Van Campenhout

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Timing: 1/12/2019 – 30/11/2023

Partnership: KULeuven (Prof. Annemie Geeraerd)

Financing: Vlaio  (HBC.2018.2209) met cofinanciering vanuit de sector en het bedrijfsleven