A good cultivation of strawberries demands a healthy, balanced soil or substrate and disease free plant material. Recently, problems with soil pathogens are increasing, among which the fungi Phytophthora cactorum, Phytophthora fragariae, Verticillium dahliae and Pestalotiopsis sp.. The aim of the project is to give solid IPM based advice to the strawberry growers, before the start of the cultivation on a particular soil, in order to control these diseases and to reduce damage.

RISICOVER: Adequate control of soil diseases in strawberry cultivation

Contact: Wendy Van Hemelrijck, Miet Boonen en An Ceustermans

Email: wendy.vanhemelrijck@pcfruit.be, miet.boonen@pcfruit.be en an.ceustermans@pcfruit.be

Timing: 01/11/2018-31/10/2022

Partnership: KULeuven (Prof. Bart Lievens en Prof. Hans Rediers) en Proefcentrum Hoogstraten (Peter Melis en Dieter Baets)

Financing: Vlaio HBC.2017.0833 met cofinanciering vanuit de sector en het bedrijfsleven