Currently, spraying with chemical crop protection agents is the most commonly used method of pest control in fruit cultivation. The PROVERBIO project aims to develop innovative biological control strategies by using natural enemies (parasitic wasps or parasitoids) that are adapted to the conditions of our climate and have no impact on the environment. Our project focuses on the most problematic pests in fruit growing, which are already active at low temperatures early in the season: the rosy apple aphid, pear psyllids and strawberry aphids. The introduction of parasitic wasps in fruit plantations faces two main problems that need to be addressed in an innovative way: climate and distribution.

Protection of orchards by biological control: a suitable selection of beneficial insects (PROVERBIO)

Interreg project France - Wallonie - Vlaanderen

Contact: Tim Beliën (, Ammar Alhmedi (

Timing: 01/01/2019-31/12/2022

Financing: Interreg France – Wallonie - Vlaanderen

Project manager : UCL ELIB (Université Louvain la neuve) (BE-W) (Prof. Thierry Hance)

Partnership :EDYSAN (Université Picardie - Jules Vernes) (FR), INRA (BE-W), La chambre d'agriculture de la somme (FR), Gawi (BE-W), Centre fruitier Wallon (BE-W), Viridaxis SA (BE-W), Inagro vzw (BE-V)