Within this project we try to improve the cultivation techniques of Cepuna/ Migo® and Kanzi®/Nicoter. For these new varieties adapted cultivation techniques, and training systems are explored. In 2000 we have planted the first trees of Cepuna/Migo® at the Experimental Garden for Pome and Stone Fruits. Since the trees are 10 years old, production fluctuates between 35 and 40 kg/tree. Another advantage of this variety is the homogeneous fruit shape and size. Nearly all pears are larger than 60 mm. Optimizing the cultivation techniques (picking moment, fruit set, fertilization and physiological disorders) of this variety is the main focus of this project.

For Kanzi®/Nicoter a trial with different rootstocks was planted in spring 2015. In addition to M9, B9 and B491, also trees with an interstem of Golden and Santana are included in the trial.

Optimizing the cultivation technique at Cepuna and Kanzi

Contact: J. Vercammen and A. Gomand

Email: jef.vercammen@pcfruit.be and ann.gomand@pcfruit.be

Timing: 01/01/19 – 31/12/19

Financing: EFC