Pollination needs are increasing in the Flanders and the Netherlands as the domestic honeybee is suffering from diseases and threats. This project aims to enhance the habitat of native pollinators in order to support the honeybees in their job and to provide a suitable environment for natural predators, such as mustelids, birds of prey, bats and garden dormice, which are also in serious decline and can be of serious benefit for fruit growers to control several fruit pests, such as voles, fruit flies and bugs. Cities and green management organizations are involved as well to create  beneficial home grounds for these useful animals.

More nature for spicy fruit ('Interreg')

Interreg project Vlaanderen-Nederland

Contact: Tim Beliën (tim.belien@pcfruit.be)

Timing: 01/01/2016-30/06/2019

Financing: Interreg, provincie Vlaams-Brabant, provincie Limburg

Project manager : Regionaal Landschap Zuid-Hageland (Egbert Asselman)

Partnership : Natuurrijk Limburg (Bram Dierikx – Arend Jan Cuperus); Provincie Vlaams-Brabant (Erwin Dunon – Els Gils – Ine Vervaeke); Regionaal Landschap Noord-Hageland (Wim Boonen – Nobby Thijs); Regionaal Landschap Haspengouw en Voeren (An Digneffe – Joke Rymen – Mieke Vanlangenaeker); Stichting Landschapsbeheer Zeeland (Rudie Geus – Lucien Calle – Alex Wieland)