Nowadays manual monitoring (checking pheromone traps, visual inspections, collecting samples from plants/trees, etc.) are time consuming and require specialized entomological expertise in order to recognize specific (life stages of) insects. The goal of this project is to facilitate/automate/digitize our monitoring and warning system. For this we focus on 4 target pests (including D. suzukii and codling moth) and  two main techniques: camera or sensor based monitoring, which are optimized for the fruit and vegetable sector

Innovation and practical implementation of observation and warning systems for insect pests in order to make Flemish fruit and vegetable cultivation more sustainable and internationalised ("Automated monitoring").

VLAIO LA-traject: HBC.2016.0795

Contact: Tim Beliën ( and Ammar Alhmedi (

Timing: 1/10/2017-30/09/2021

Financing: VLAIO en sectorfinanciering

Partnership: Praktijkpunt Landbouw (K. Bunkens, T. De Clercq); KULeuven MeBioS (B. De Ketelaere, N. Wouters, W. Saeys); Inagro vzw (T. De Marez, P. Maenhout).