This project first aims at optimizing the existing frost protection systems that are being applied by Belgian fruit growers. Little adjustments as well as possible combinations of systems will be tested with the aim to improve the guidelines for proper use of different frost protection systems. Then, at least two new concepts of frost protection will be studied in detail one proof-of-concept prototype frost protection system will be build and tested under practical orchard conditions. Finally, the project partners plan the establishment of an online knowledge platform that gathers all relevant information (cost, practical applicability, pros and cons, energy efficiency, environmental impact, etc.) of the different frost protection systems.

FROSTinno: Innovative and energy efficient frost control in fruit growing

VLAIO TETRA project HBC.2018.0027

Timing: 03/11/2018 – 30/10/2020

Contact: Bart Vanhoutte (, Serge Remy (

Financing: VLAIO met co-financiering (7.5%) door bedrijven actief in vorstbestrijding, in energie/verwarming sector en fruittelers

Partnership: Kenniscentrum Energie, Thomas More Hogeschool - Campus Geel: Griet Janssen (project coördinator  - griet.janssen@ ) en Dirk Aerts ( )