Fruit growers need a website that collects all reliable data on beneficial organisms and the side-effects of crop protection products on them. The impact meter is a clear and easily accessible tool that shows the overall impact of the application of a crop protection product on all relevant beneficial organisms in the orchard, taking into account the time of application and the residual effects of the products.

The impact meter provides fruit growers with an easy to interpret guideline for an optimal integrated management in which a minimum use of crop protection agents and a maximum development of beneficial arthropod populations in the orchards is the key. The digital tool will be integrated into the existing web application "EVA - finally Simplified Administration".

Flemish Hardfruit Action Plan - Impact meter

Contact: Tim Beliën (; Femke De Vis (; Dany Bylemans (

Timing: 1/6/2018-31/5/2020

Financing: Vlaanderen – Vlaams Actieplan Hardfruit