During the application of crop protection products an inevitable spray drift is occurring, causing the deposition of small amounts of those compounds in the  non-target area, like surface water or terrestrial parts of the landscape. This pollution has a high economic and social cost. The spray drift can significantly be reduced by the use of drift reducing nozzles. Practical barriers which hamper the full implementation of this technology in practice are tackled in this project by demonstration in all municipalities of Haspengouw, the main fruit growing area of Belgium.

Leader Driftreductie

Contact : Kris Ruysen (kris.ruysen@pcfruit.be)

Timing: 01/01/2017-31/12/2019

Financing: PDPO III Leader Haspengouw & Voeren

Partnership: PIBO, Phytofar (Belgische Vereniging van de Industrie van Gewasbeschermingsmiddelen)