Our fruit companies are going through a difficult period. Diversification is seen as an important factor in overcoming the current crisis. The aim of this project is to demonstrate and describe certain niche crops in technical guides, both with regard to technical techniques and with an important focus on the profitability of the various crops and the compatibility with the most important other crops. This project focuses on blueberries, apricots and plums.

Diversifying is anticipating
Diversifying is anticipating

Contact: M. Boonen en J. Vercammen

Email: miet.boonen@pcfruit.be and jef.vercammen@pcfruit.be

Timing: 01/03/18 – 29/02/20

Partnership: Proeftuin aardbeien en houtig kleinfruit en Proeftuin pit- en steenfruit.

Financing: Vlaamse Overheid (Demoproject)